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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT :D - So Big it needs its own thread :D

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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT :D - So Big it needs its own thread :D Empty BIG ANNOUNCEMENT :D - So Big it needs its own thread :D

Post  Kevin Conner Mon Feb 02, 2009 10:36 am

Duplicated Announcement for the purposes of the Front Page Very Happy

For the 10 of you who liked my web manga and actually like what I write, I've an announcement Very Happy

As of today, Feb 1st, I've unleashed online ebooks in a fashion that no one to my knowledge has yet done. It looks like you're reading a book Very Happy I've put a semi edited Moors up (I will do a finish edit it should I make enough money to recover losses from the first print preparation - or I might actually make editing a reader participatory contest. I need to find the legals on that).

Anyway, this counts as a quirk of mine, because I've spent the last 3 months working on this. Not Moors itself, but the whole project of transforming my website to handle ebooks and stories. I've already got a couple of writer friends who are interested in sending me their stories (they'll make money from the ads), and besides that, I'm nearing completion of my original project I started 4 months ago. At first it was going to be small, but it's turned into a massive undertaking.

I've a library full of short stories I've written which will be hitting the web in steady increments. Some you'll hate. Some you'll not care about. But I'm hoping you'll find one or two you'll actually like Smile

I've prepped the website to be friendly to people with blackberries, so they can enlarge the "book pages" and read them as a normal book. I'm kinda proud of this, because it took me a while to solve some of the inherent issues with webpublishing (I did also have awesome help from my friend Cory!).

I'm hoping to put my superhero novel on the site in the coming year, along with classics that have already entered public domain. I don't want to flood my readers with a ton of books at once, so I'm going to pace myself with the releases. You'll notice this first release is a short story and not an actual book. As always if you find a problem with the site please contact me. You do need a flash compatible browser to read the books, sorry Sad

Multi-lingual versions and versions for sight impaired are coming in the next year or two, I have some problems with each that I must solve.

Anyway, ty for allowing me to take this time to plug my site Smile

The library site can be found here:
and as always, PandaKing is here (although I don't have page 6 done because I was working on the library project)

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