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What is Kevin Doing!? He promised us PANDA KING LAST MONTH!

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What is Kevin Doing!? He promised us PANDA KING LAST MONTH! Empty What is Kevin Doing!? He promised us PANDA KING LAST MONTH!

Post  Kevin Conner Tue May 06, 2008 9:32 pm

HI GUYS Very Happy

I am here to tell you what I am doing.

It is Tuesday, May 6th, 2008.

I am on my second day of printing out my english rules for my board game, Tora, for 16 books.

Each book is going to have 7 languages:


For a total of no less than 370 pages per book.

5,920 pages, and 32 cover pages which need to be laminated, for me to cut and mount in my prototype rules.

The people receiving these prototypes are family, translators, and distributors.

I will probably have to make 16 more books over the next month, bringing it up to over 11,000.

I have to do it myself in order to keep costs down, otherwise full color rules (and they do need to have color inserts) will run me around 60$ per book.


That is right.

Right now I'm producing them for under $2 per book.

My board game is extremely important right now.

As far as comic goes -- I have been drawing pictures of panda king and perfecting the look inbetween mounts when I need to rest. If my puppy rayn and friends is not syndicated, then I should start drawing panda king soon as my deal with my Tora board game is done.

See you all later ^_^

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