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Debate Rules

Post  Kevin Conner on Thu Mar 06, 2008 12:27 pm

This forum is for debate.

All debate topics from related forums I visit will be moved here, whereupon people may settle their differences in a civil manner.

These are the rules for the debate:

1. Outrageous statements made by a poster must be backed up with facts and will be removed until they are backed up by facts.

If someone says some outrageous generalized statement such as: "All Asians are Smarter than anyone else." or "The english language is german and has noting to do with latin."
The post will be copied and private messaged to the poster. It will then be removed until the poster can produce some quantifiable facts. Pie charts are not proof unless backed by significant reliable information. I don't care if you have a pie chart from Oxford University, they are eye candy and aren't actual proof unless backed by quantifiable evidence to support your claim.

2. Using the internet as the god of information will not satisfy all debate quantifications. You can literally find anything on the internet to support ANY Hypothesis ANYONE wants to propose.

Quantifiable Information is information which has a serious amount of science, or history, to back up certain claims. Be CAREFUL what you quote.

3. Samurai battle with honor. Repeating a falsehood just because it supports your claim is dishonorable. Admit when you are wrong, when you learn something new, or when you come to an impasse. However, the wording you use must also be watched. Words are deadly in Debate, and fear the WORD NINJA!!

Example: IF someone says Tigers have been known to go to Africa. And you say prove it there never was. And they produce information about Sabertooth Tigers -- sorry, you lost. Whether or not they are the Tiger you were thinking of, doesn't mean their wording was any less correct. You were just word ninja'ed!

4. Certain Political, Religious and Personal Views are not quantifiable nor disprovable. When an impasse is reached, if both debaters don't admit impasse, then I, the moderator, will envoke - Impasse Reached. I will explain both sides of the argument, and claim that the discussion is stalemate and temp lock the thread to cool both people down. While it is fine to continue once the thread is re-opened, it needs to be a cooled discussion.


Callimg someone a moron or idiot will result in you being emailed your post, as well as that post and all responses to it being deleted. You may eliminate the actual name calling and personal attacks in the post then repost.

I do not believe I'll ban people outright, nor warn them. I will allow them to -retry- their discussion.

IF someone name calls, do not quote the post, just PM me. I will handle it.

Generalized commetns such as : "Dude, only a moron would drink mercury." are allowed. Seriously, only a freakin moron would drink mercury.

Comments such as : "India is a filthy place", which are then quantified by proof "India is literally filthy, reaching in the top 3 for most polluted areas on the planet per square foot of population." are allowed. This is a statement of fact.

Comments such as : "India is a filthy place because the people are nasty." are not allowed. This is a statement of attack.

6. Point System.

Each time you win a debate, or if you and other debaters mutually declare impasse, or resign a debate, you gain 1 point. You are allowed to display this in an honor tagline at your signature.

Should you repeatedly name call and be forced by a moderator to resign the debate completely, you lose 1 Honor.

Further rules may follow.

I expect honorable debate!

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